Thursday, October 31, 2013

Soft and comfy Nap Mat

Growing up, my grandmother was a true homemaker, while my mom was the professional woman-a registered nurse. My grandmother was many thing but one thing she excelled at was been a true homemaker. She was a stay at home mother of 6 kids, an expert on sewing, rug making, weaving, knitting, cooking etc, I mostly enjoyed cooking so I learned from her at a very young age how to cook. We used to laugh at her when she would insist on her granddaughters learning craftier homemaking skills. According to her, a females work is best exemplified by been home with the kids, and having the necessary skills required to be a homemaker. Well that didn't sit well with any of us girls since we all wanted to be like our mom.  However, lately I have been having more of a crafty creative itch. I call it an itch because I am not sure if this mood would last. I hope it last because I am having a midlife crisis trying to find hobbies I enjoy outside work. I am also starting to second guess my chosen profession and confuse about my next path in life. Until I can figure out what I would like to be when I grow up, I am deciding to take on little projects around the house.

My son goes to daycare five days a week because my husband and I work fulltime outside the home. Every week, I would take him to daycare with a fitted sheet and blanket. I hate this part because on busy days I will always almost forget collecting everything. I have always wanted a nap mat but didn't want to pay too much for it. So today I picked up few items to make my own nap mat. I had an old nursery curtain in dots so I decided to use this curtain as my bottom fabric. I used two different bloggers DIY nap mat tutorial (sew4home and  sewlikemymom)since this is the first time ever I will be attempting to sew. I watched a lot of youtube videos about how to use a sewing machine. I had to learn it all. Mind you this is not the best however, I have very proud of myself for trying

Supply list can be found on either of those blogger site. When I sew another one for a friend, I will post my tutorial.

Used an old nursery curtain for bottom fabric (dots fabrics)
Sewing the attached pillow
The End product. Hope My baby boy enjoys sleeping of a soft cuddly mat on top of his cot