Monday, January 20, 2014

New Year

Its been a while since I did a blog post. It has been a very busy end of year 2013 and busy new year, however, I am finally able to be in-tune with my new routine. My routine changes every quarter due to my son sport and school activities. I didn't set any new year goals, I am happy with life as it is, and setting goals just adds to stress and disappointment. I didn't accomplish my previous years goals, so why make new ones?

Anyways, I started a re-seller venture starting with furniture. I came across this venture by mistake after purchasing two antique Ethan Allen side tables.  We have used these tables around the house for years and we decided to get rid of them since they are clashing with the new changes occurring in our home. I listed them for dirt cheap without knowing they were collectors items, and a lady on Facebook pointed out that they are actually 3x more my listed price. Long story short, I sold them for their actual worth and now I am looking to collecting and finding antiques for buyers.