Monday, September 2, 2013

Upholstery Chair Painting

I have always been in love with wing back chairs, but cannot afford this 


I decided to join the excitement in refurbishing furniture and I came across two nicely used wing back chairs on craigslist for $60.  At first I wanted them recovered, however when the cost came up to $1200 for both chairs, I decided it wasn't that serious. 

So I took on to the Internet and researched recovering furniture, and I came across upholstering painting. Recovering requires skills, painting anyone can do. There were many different variation as wells as different methods, but after much research, I stumble upon Hypen interiors methods. I decided to try and see if I could pull it off. Besides my husband wanted to get rid of the old chairs so what’s the worst that can happen.  

My supply lists
Upholstery chair of your choice
1 Quart of Latex Water Based Paint-I Custom mixed mine from different sample of cool grays from Shwin Williams
1 Spray Bottle full of water
1 paint brush- soft bristle
Rustoelum Spray paint for legs 
A few rags
Fabric Medium- I used 2 bottle for each chair

Step 1: Clean your chair as good as you can.  My chair was very nicely kept, so only spot clean since the chair itself was kept in very good condition

Step 2: Mix 1:1:1 parts of your latex paint, water and your fabric medium. The fabric medium and water in my opinion prevented my fabric from being crunchy. I used lot of water with the spraying bottle

Step 3: Water down your mixture. My mixture was close to water texture consistency, this allowed for better application

Step 4: Start the painting process. I painted the chair base first, followed by the cushions
 Spray your chair with your water bottle to dampen it and then brush your color right in.  Brush gently to prevent the fabric thread from coming out. 

I painted my chairs three times to get the color I wanted. I was terrified after the first coat because it was not coming together lol. After the second coat, it starting to take form, and I became excited to see the finish product

I let the chair dry and after that I sprayed painted the legs
 It was a two day weekend project after making sure I have all my supplied

The end product. I am very happy, husband was surprised with the turn out. The fabric was soft prior  painting, but after painting, it feels like a hard canvas. I am okay with the texture because the boys will wear it in and it is not hard on the skin.