Saturday, August 31, 2013

Yard planting -Critters Education

We currently live on a  lovely large property. The landscape is blend, so we decided to plants some plant around the property. Well, we didn't know that our property was critter central, and we unknowingly planted Deer and groundhog candy (hostas). The hostas looked so lovely after we planted them, but within a week, all the leaves were eaten up. Yes, I fed the critters without knowing it. So we seek helped from other gardeners in the areas as well as garden web  Currently one month as gone since we planted new new hostas and coral bells  and we are using plantskydd. We are hoping plantskydd will have more protection against these critters.

Solutions in a working process

  • Using cages to catch them -this worked like magic. We caught three. Virginia is a catch and euthanized state for critters. 
  • Use Plantskydd- keeps critters away. Similar critter off brand also works
  • Plant Critter resistant plant- Not settling well with me since I WANT HOSTAS AND DAYLILLIES lol- will plant non deer resistant plant in spring too late now
  • Fence the yard- Well this is a working process since it would be costly fencing two acres property
  • Motion sensor sprinklers- Working process
  • Fox urine- yep you read that correctly- supposedly scares critter off. Not using this yet lol

So this is the backyard

This the large back yard-need more plants

 So we planted many hostas around each large tree
This was the end product after a week. Groundhogs and deers ate it all in one night

 The culprit #1
 Culprit #2
 Replanted with more hostas and coral bells. This time protected with  Plant skydd. Will plant ferns and other shaded plants for spring next year