Thursday, September 19, 2013

Picture Hanging

We have been living in chuck for about a year and each month I believe our bucket list of home improvements grows. During the last two week,  Wanno and I decided to start tackling some of the item of our lists. We started three different projects and so far completed two. We power washed the house, started the deck painting as well as decided on hanging family photos on our entry way wall.

 I have always admire bloggers with their beautiful family picture placement and their personal touches making their hanging so unique. Mind you I not a creative person so don't expect any thing special, but I am happy with our own picture hanging since it was a labor of love. After surfing the web for few days and seeing different placement, I really love SusieJ picture placement and her personal touches. So we decided on hell let hang some pictures. I know mine will not come close to hers but my wall looks lovely. As times goes I am sure I can create a better display.

We started with the placement layout on power point. We assumed it would be a piece of cake to get the same layout on the wall. We were very wrong.

Wanno using paper placement. This was difficult. Aligning all the picture correctly was a major headache. We almost drop the project

Final product. Happy

I am not good at taking pictures so be patience