Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hostas Under Pine Trees

Last year if you remember I planted a lot of hostas that the local deers eat them all over night. I ranted about this in one of my first post. I was very sad and angry about this incident. I was and still a beginner gardener, and didn't know any better.  I remembered crying at the site of my eaten hostas and thinking I am never going to be able to have plants I love around my yard because of deers.
Well I spent the whole of last year researching deer repellents and so far liquid fence and plant skydd are my favorite brand to keep deers away. And oh yes I am having the kids pee in my garden as a deterrent as well. This last one of have the kids pee around yard too time getting use to that idea.  It is with all smiles that I can say that some, yes some of my hostas are in their first year and blooming beautifil by the way without any deer trauma. Well I take it back. Some did got eaten early spring because I was too lazy to protect them at first bloom.
Anyways I am happy for the ones that survived as it shows the potential of what my yard could be like with mature hostas and other leafy plants without deer trauma.