Thursday, June 5, 2014


I have been planting my yard for the last three months but kept forgetting to update my blog. Sad to say but it comes down to priorities. I am a full time mom, wife and registered nurse. So I can only get to play in my garden on my days off or weekends off. As much as I want to update my blog, it is starting become that dust under a carpet. I love planting and love flowers, and having to share my love is something I also enjoy. So I am going to try and keep my blog updated.
I currently have catmints that adds a lovely contrast to my landscape.
These were put in when we redid our landscaping last fall. They survived the winter and now are blooming beautifully. Bumblebee and butterflies love this plant.

Here is a question. Can catmint be use in tea?. I have read in many blogs and gardenweb forum sites where people mentioned drinking it in tea and its benefits.  Anyways if anyone reading this has more insight let me know. By the way I have no cats. I planted this plant because I just love the plant and its flowering.