Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Deck Make Over

According to the neighbors,  our deck is too large and it is a waste of space. Well we bought the house after the previous owners expanded the deck and truth be told we love the deck. The boys can play on it for hours, while I catch some sun while reading. This spring my husband and I have hundreds of things we would like to do or add to the deck to make it more cosy. We first decided to paint it or restain. Well after few quotes for over $4000 to stain or $2000 for painting, we decided paint it ourselves. We used Behr Deckover from Lowes.  We power washed the deck first then allowed it to dry over the weekend and painted the deck the next weekend. Total cost  less $500 for paint and supplies.  We had previously purchase a power washer so no cost there. The deck went from nice to wow. Let me know your thoughts.